It's not just the cars - it's the people!

IROC Series

Inter-Regional Race of Champions

is a pompous name for a very fun series of events. This series – the longest running inter-regional event in PCA – consists of three autocross events we run with our friends from the Motorstadt and Michiana regions.

These events help you learn how to properly maneuver your car around a course of pylons in a parking lot. Instructors are available and we always welcome and encourage new drivers! 

Our friend and BMW racer Brad Pines has provided some great suggestions for those of you considering autocrossing. Check it out on his blog.

You run against a clock and there is only one driver on the course at a time – so it is as safe as you make it. This is a wonderful opportunity to better learn the limits of your car and your own driving skills.

Every IROC event starts out with an Autocross Driving School where you will be assigned an Instructor to help you learn the ins and outs of autocrossing.

This is the 42nd year of the ongoing competition; make plans to attend all three events to improve your standing and help your region bring home the coveted “Bent Pylon” trophy!