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1954-porsche-gilmoreGilmore Exhibition – The Golden Age of Sports Cars

The Janice Joplin car has moved on, but a beautiful 1954 Speedster has replaced it. The exhibit runs from not until April, 2017. If you haven’t ┬ámade plans to see this exhibition at the Gilmore Car Museum, you should! It is well worth your time. There is even a public Facebook group celebrating this wonderful display.


calendar-clip-art-image2017 Event Calendar

So you say you want to know what’s coming up for the WMR gang in 2017? Wonder no more – out of our November planning session there is now a tentative events calendar up on the site. Dates and events are subject to change, and until an event’s date is finalized it will not appear. Don’t worry – we’ll keep it up to date as details finalize. There is now a Google calendar for WMR as well. You can access it via the Google calendar app on your mobile device, or plug the following into your web browser:


winter-lake-michigan-sunsetDecember Appetizer Party

Barb Doss and Mike Karluk are once again opening up their lovely home on Lake Michigan to the West Michigan Porsche gang for an evening of food and fun. Please join us the evening of Saturday, December 3 for our holiday gathering. Save the date and stay tuned for more details!